More Money, More Problems: Falling Unemployment Leads to Rising Traffic Fatalities

The economy is still rebounding from the economic recession that put many American automakers, including Ford, at risk of collapsing. This is mostly a good thing—fuel prices are down, more people have jobs, and more people can afford to own cars and take fun road trips.

There is one unusual downside, however. Lower unemployment rates are directly linked to higher death rates on the road.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), there are two reasons for this. The more people have jobs, the more miles they drive. This isn't just more commuters during rush hour—the biggest increase is in discretionary driving, such as visiting relatives out of state, or going to the mall. Secondly, for whatever reason, the more the economy improves, the more people speed and drive aggressively.

That's why, though new cars are safer than ever before—like the 2017 Ford Fusion, which earned an IIHS Top Safety Pick—the overall driver death rate continues to rise. Protect yourself and your family by investing in a safer vehicle, and always engaging in safe driving practices.

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