Black Oil Myth

Anyone who has driven a vehicle knows how important the engines oil is to the longevity of the vehicle, but with all the myths about engine oil how do I know what the truth is? Below is one myth, followed by the truth:

MYTH- If your engine oil is black it needs to be changed.

FACT- The color of your engine oil is not an indication of when the oil needs to be changed. The job of the engine oil is to lubricate and clean the engine, so it obviously will turn darker as it is picking up debris and particles that can damage the engine. By absorbing this dirt and debris the oil is keeping it from building and depositing in your engine and keeping your engine cleaner and running longer. It is more important to keep track of the mileage between oil changes; the color of the oil is immaterial.

At Price Ford of Turlock we know there are a lot of myths about when to have your engine oil services, come visit our service center in Turlock, CA and speak with one of our experts today.


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