At Price Ford of Turlock we value your education.

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Turlock High School | Pitman High School | Denair High School

Price Ford of Turlock is looking to sponsor FFA students from Turlock High School, Pitman High School, and Denair High School for this year.  Students can apply with us at the dealership and we are available to sponsor one student from each school.

Being in an agriculture-dominant area, many of our customers are in the agricultural industry and we believe in supporting local industry and its future. We feel is the intention of the FFA scholarship and have decided to sponsor three students.

Since 1998, Ford Trucks scholarships have connected local Ford Dealers to FFA members in their communities. Ford believes in offering extended education opportunities. More than $13 million in scholarships have been awarded by Ford Dealers across the nation and Ford Corporate. Ford will match a total of 414 scholarships from Ford Dealers and five nationwide that do not have a participating dealer.

In order to apply for this scholarship, students must meet the below criteria:

  • Must obtain a Ford Dealer electronic signature to qualify — opt-in for Ford.
  • Must be an FFA member.
  • Must be a high school senior or a collegiate student.
  • Must attend a vocational, two-year or four-year continuation of studies. Any major may apply.