Simple Measures to Avoid a Tire Blowout

]Tire blowouts are never a fun experience. They can wreck your tires and also be dangerous on the road. Good tire maintenance can often prevent this from happening. At Price Ford of Turlock, we provide a full range of tire services.

Often, simple tire maintenance can not only add life to your tires, but can also prevent flat tires and blowouts. Maintaining correct tire pressure is the best thing you can do for you tires. The correct pressure amount is listed on the inside door or in the owner’s manual. Making sure tires are regularly rotated and wheels are correctly aligned is also beneficial for good tire care. Lastly, replace your tires when they no longer have good tread.

If you have concerns regarding your tires, are in need of new tires or would just like your vehicle inspected prior to taking a trip, visit our service center in Turlock, CA today.


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