Can You Remove Gum from Your Floor Mats Using Ice?

There are thousands of “life hacks” on the internet, and for every ingenious new way of doing something, there are a dozen duds. Some can even do more harm than good.

You want to take the best care of your new vehicle from Price Ford of Turlock. So what about the claim that you can remove stuck-on bubblegum from the floor mats using nothing but ice?

The claim: Put a few ice cubes in a ziplock back, and place it over the gum. After three minutes, the gum peels out of the carpet easily.

The truth: After a few minutes on ice, the gum does freeze, and the top portion snaps off. Unfortunately, the bottom portion—the part actually stuck to the carpet—does not. This car hack is a car dud.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to remove stuck-on gum from carpets. Another “hack” using WD-40 spray lubricant does the trick. Simply saturate the carpet around and under the gum with WD-40, and slowly work the gum out.


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